Since 2019-10-1, the Health Management Center has approved the adjustment of service items by the hospital as follows:
  • Catering staffs and those who bring their own health examination forms will be referred to the Family Medicine Department for health checkups.
  • For the original "Company Contracting Group Health Checkup", "Health 99 National government employees and teachers Health Checkup", "Rapid Health Checkup", "Lohas Project", "Happy Family Project" and "Exquisite Lohas Project", please call the Health Management Center to make an appointment. Tel: 02-77284617, 02-77284619, 02-77284650, 02-77284652
  • For foreigners health checkup, please make an appointment to register for the "Health Management Center" afternoon clinic. Service time(for foreigners): Monday ~ Friday 14:00 ~ 16:00
檢查時間 週一至週五
08:00~11:00 14:00~16:00
預約方式 電話預約
(02) 7728-4635 (02) 7728-4617
健檢地點 北棟地下一樓 健康管理中心
付費方式 自費
報告完成時間 檢查後需10 - 20個工作天可領取報告
服務專線 02-77284635、02-77284617