Health checkup for foreigners

The types of health examination for foreigners are the residence or settlement health check, the foreign language teacher health check, and the employed foreigner's health check. The examinee is required to confirm the type of health examination before checking.
  1. Residence or settlement health check: foreign Spouse (for residence or residence permit or identity card)
  2. Foreign language teacher health check: foreign teacher
  3. Employed foreigner's health check: foreign worker, regular examination (6 months, 18 months, 30 months) and examination within three days of entering Taiwan.
Documents to be carried

  1. The original of the identity document and the photocopying certificate, the residence permit, the long-term residence permit, the settlement permit, the passport, the employment permit.
  2. Two photos (2 inches, identifiable photos within 3 months; if you need more than 2 reports, you will need to pay more photos and fees.)
  3. If you have injected the German measles vaccine and measles vaccine, please bring the vaccination certificate and present the original and the photocopy. If there is no vaccination certificate, you can take the blood test on the day of the medical examination. If you have antibodies to measles and measles, you do not need to be vaccinated.
  4. If you do not carry any of the above items, we will not be able to provide inspection services on the same day. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  5. If you are pregnant, please show your pregnancy certificate or mother's handbook. If you are pregnant, you must inform the staff.
Receive a report

  1. It takes 10 working days after the examination to receive the report (excluding national holidays, Saturdays and Sundays).
  2. To receive the report, it is necessary to use the receipt or identity document as the evidence. The agent should bring the identity document or receipt of the subject to receive the report.
  3. If the blood test results are negative or the German measles vaccine and measles vaccination certificate is not issued, please inject the MMR vaccine (German measles, measles and mumps mixed vaccine) and present the original proof of vaccination before receiving the report.

  1. Processing time: Monday to Friday 14:00~16:00. Please go to the 1st floor or register online before arriving at the center.
  2. No fasting.
  3. Women of childbearing age of foreign spouses (within 45 years of age): If the German measles antibody is negative (reports of blood-staining results), please ask the inspection unit for a blood-staining report and go to the local health office for free vaccination. Other persons can pay at their own expense and go to the outpatient clinic of the hospital for vaccination and apply for a diagnosis certificate.
Service time and phone number

  1. Health checkup time: Monday to Friday 14:00-16:00.
  2. If you have any questions, please call the Health Management Center at (02) 7728-4635 or 4617.
  3. Before the examination, please go to the registration counter on the first floor to register, and then go to the health check-up counter of the B1 health management center to pick up the number leaflet and wait for the call.