Premarital health checkup - happy family

Category Item Description Male Female
Basic measurement Height, weight, blood pressure, hearing , vision, color discrimination, body fat Initial assessment of the body to understand the basic state of the body. Attending physicians have detailed physiological assessments and make a sound medical record.
Specialist consultation Physical examination including neck, chest, heart, abdomen, limbs, etc.
Blood routine examination WBC, RBC, HB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, Platelet, DC Assess blood counts, with or without anemia, infection or blood disease
Urine check Urine sugar, urobilinogen, specific gravity, ketones, white blood cell, occult blood, nitrite, urinary bilirubin, protein, pH Screening for diseases such as kidney disease, nephritis, urinary tract infection, stones and diabetes
Cancer screening AFP Screening for liver cancer
CEA Screening for colorectal cancer
Hepatobiliary function test ALK/P Assess bone-related, liver, and biliary diseases
GOT Assess liver function
GPT Assess the degree of hepatocyte damage and the severity of liver disease
HBsAG Assess whether one is infected with hepatitis B
Anti-HBs Assess whether one have hepatitis B antibody
Anti-HCV Assess whether one is infected with hepatitis C
r-GT Assess biliary function
Total Bilirubin, Direct Bilirubin Assess whether there is biliary obstruction or biliary dysfunction
Serum protein check T-protein, Albumin, Globulin Assessing albumin and globulin levels and nutritional status in plasma
Renal function BUN, Creatinine Assessment of kidney function
Uric Acid Hyperuricemia, gout, etc.
Blood glucose AC Sugar Blood glucose check, screening for diabetes
Blood lipid CHOLESEROL T., TRIGLYCRIDE Blood fat analysis, abnormal folate metabolism and potential cardiovascular risk factors
HDL, LDL Assess the proportion of good and bad cholesterol
Thyroid Free T4、3rd generation  Detection of diseases such as hyperthyroidism or
hypothyroidism and pituitary feedback system
X-ray Chest X-ray Check for lung diseases such as emphysema, tuberculosis, lung cancer, pleural effusion, etc.
Electrocardiogram Static electrocardiogram Assessing arrhythmia and heart related diseases
Others VDRL Check for syphilis infection
G-6-P-D Check for G-6-P-D
ABO Groping, Rh Typing Screening for blood and Rh type
HIV Ab Assess AIDS infection
Rubella lgG(female) Check for German measles antibody
Pre-pregnancy related blood test HbEP Screening for Mediterranean anemia
Varicella-zoster IgG Check for Varicella antibody
Toxoplasma IgG(female) Check for Toxoplasma infection
Semen check Male semen check (please abstain from sex for three days) Assess the number and activity of sperm
Others Fine meal Delicate meals after inspection
Report Complete examination report and disc
Price 5,200 5,200
From  2023/01/01
  1. Fasting (including food and water) for 8 hours before check-up
  2. Pre-marital health check-up time is specified at the designated time: 8:00 to 11:00 am
  3. Please go to the B1 Health Management Center counter to pick up a number leaflet (check time 8:00-11:00 am).
  4. For male’s semen check, please abstain from sex for three days.
  5. Semen collection time (8 am to 11 am).
  6. Please show your ID card or health insurance card.
  7. Women should avoid the menstrual period, please inform the staff when you are pregnant.
【Receive a report】
  1. It takes 20 working days after the examination to receive the report (excluding national holidays, Saturdays and Sundays).
  2. To receive the report, it is necessary to use the receipt or identity document as the evidence. The agent should bring the identity document or receipt of the subject to receive the report.
  • Consulting line: (02) 7728-4648, 7728-4668
  • Note: It is necessary to fast (including food and water) for 8 hours before check-up
  • Location: North building, Far Eastern Health Management Center