Traffic information
How to arrive at Far Eastern Memorial Hospital


People from Taipei City and New Taipei City will take the MRT Bannan Line to Yongning direction and get off at Far Eastern Hospital Station.
MRT Bannan Line→ get off at Far Eastern Hospital Station→ Exit 3 of Far Eastern Hospital Station→ Walk 100 meters to the south to reach the gate of the hospital

Get off at Far Eastern Hospital Station (South Yanan Road)
Taipei Bus: No. 51, No. 99, No. 703, No. 703 (Deputy), No. 840, No. 805, No. 812, No. 843, No. 848
Sanchong Bus: 810, blue 37, blue 38

Get off at Oriental Institute of Technology (Sichuan Road)
Taipei Bus: No. 57, 1080
Joint bus: No. 234, No. 265, No. 656, No. 705
Zhinan Bus: 847

Train, high-speed rail

From Banqiao Railway Station, transfer to the MRT Bannan Line and get off at Far Eastern Hospital Station in Yongning direction.
Parking service

There are above-ground and underground toll parking lot. The parking lot can be accessed by following the signs on Nanyana Road or Sichuan Road in Banqiao District. On the day of the health check-up, you will receive a free parking ticket at the center. When you leave the center, you can enjoy free parking.