Frequently Asked Questions

International Patient Service

How can foreigners arrange an outpatient visit to Far Eastern Memorial Hospital?

If you have Taiwan National Health Insurance (NHI), you can make appointment via general outpatient registration or online registration. If you do not have NHI, you can either make the appointment through general outpatient registration, or through FEMH International Patient Service Center.

online registration
What services does the FEMH International Patient Service Center offer?

Our services include medical enquiry, coordination of outpatient appointments or hospitalization, and patient escort during the appointments. We also provide living information in Taiwan and help you to prepare needed medical documents.

What information do I must provide to schedule an appointment?

To schedule a medical appointment, you must give the following information: Completed basic information form, a copy of medical records in English or Chinese (such as reports, referrals, X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds, etc.), and a copy of medication list in English or Chinese.

How long does it take to get an appointment with a doctor at Far Eastern Memorial Hospital?
After we receive your medical documents, the medical team will review them within 5-7 business days. We will provide you a treatment plan and estimated medical cost. Once you decide to receive the treatments at FEMH, our coordinators will proceed to arrange your appointment within 1-3 business days. The appointment date depends on the availability of the particular doctor. We will do our best to assist you in scheduling an appointment as quickly as possible.
Does International Patients Service Center provide assistance in medical visa application?

Yes, your coordinator will provide visa assistance after you decide to receive treatments at FEMH. We will provide the treatment plan and a letter for visa application.

Can I choose my doctor?

Yes, your coordinator will try to accommodate your request.

Will you recommend doctor if I do not know any doctor at FEMH?

Besides taking into account your personal preferences, we will always try to match you with the best and most appropriate physicians at FEMH.

How do I reschedule or cancel appointments?

Please contact your coordinator, who will reschedule or cancel your appointment as needed.

Are international health insurances accepted?

We accept only the insurance companies which we are contracted with. If FEMH has an established agreement with your international insurance company, the payment conditions will be determined by that agreement. If not, you will be asked to pay the bill first and then submit a claim to your insurer for reimbursement.

Does FEMH provide second opinion services?

Yes, we provide second opinion services. If you require second opinion consultation, please send us your medical records including medical history, examination reports, X ray reports, and medical images, etc. After our medical team reviews your case, we will provide you a written consultation report or arrange a teleconsultation.