Orthopedics Center

The FEMH Orthopedics Center holds the spirit of high quality medical care, providing professional, friendly, and patient-centered health care. Improvement of the medical quality, development of high-tech medical technology to save lives, protection of human dignity, and pursuing patients' health and happiness are the major goals of the center.

There are 15 faculty members in the FEMH Orthopedics Center, including 12 physicians, 1 researcher, and 2 research assistants. According to the difference in specialty, there are six divisions: General Orthopedics Division (Chief, Dr. Wen-Chih Chen), Joint Reconstruction Division (Chief, Dr. Chih-Hung Chang), Sports Medicine Division (Chief, Dr. Chun-Chien Chang), Spine Division (Chief, Dr. Jwo-luen Pao), Osteoporosis and Bone Tumor Division (Chief, Dr. Karl Wu), and Pediatric Orthopedics Division (Chief, Dr. Tsung-Yu Lan).

All division chiefs have Education Certification from Ministry of Education of Taiwan. In order to provide the best orthopedic training program for young doctors and train them to become independent physicians with the spirit of Albert Schweitzer, the center invites senior physicians and researchers to share their valuable experience, knowledge and clinical skills each year. In addition, in order to enhance our expertise and service quality, we encourage orthopedic surgeons to involve in clinical researches and to continuously learn innovative medical techniques.

FEMH Orthopedics Center has done research collaborations with various universities and industries, including National Taiwan University, National Taipei University of Technology, National Yang-Ming University, Yuan Ze University, Oriental Institute of Technology, Far Eastern New Century Corporation, EMO Biomedicine Corporation, A Plus Biotechnology Corporation, etc. The study results were presented multiple times at "Far Eastern Group Biotechnology Communicate Platform Conference". Furthermore, the bone graft product, which was developed jointly with Far Eastern New Century Corporation, was received Taipei International Invention Palladium Award in 2013.

We diagnose and treat bone fracture, joint dislocation, muscle or tendon rupture, sports injury, arthritis, spine disease, tumor of the muscular-skeletal system, osteoporosis, and other metabolism diseases. The treatments and services include:

Our treatment and services includes

  • Minimally invasive arthroplasty
  • Navigation assisted joint arthroplasty
  • Tissue engineering in musculoskeletal system
  • Minimally invasive surgery in spine, sports medicine, and foot & ankle
  • Arthroscopic surgery
  • Orthopedic oncology
  • Pediatric orthopedics
  • Extracorporial shock wave therapy (ESWT) in musculoskeletal diseases
  • Cell therapy: osteoarthritis treatment and cartilage defect regenerative treatment (Approved by Ministry of Health and Welfare on 26 Dec. 2019)