The Nephrology Division at the Far-Eastern Memorial Hospital (FEMH) was established in April, 1981 and now it is the largest one for medical service in New Taipei City, Taiwan. This division is composed with a group of physicians and well-trained nurses who are dedicated to the treatment and the care of patients with kidney diseases. Our faculty is at the forefront of research and patient care in the field of Nephrology. We focus on both the basic and clinical researches such as quality of life, sleep disorder, chronic inflammation, risk factors of cardiovascular disease, oxidative stress in hemodialysis patients; kidney transplantation, secondary hyperparathyroidism, and peritoneal dialysis.

The advancement of medical science depends upon a good education. Our two-year fellowship program is designed to optimize the experience of the fellows both in the techniques and the practices in all fields of nephrology and in basic or clinical researches. We also offer the comprehensive training programs for hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis nurses.

We always pursue the excellence in patient care through the team work and the development of new strategies in the treatment of renal disease. Our services include studies in the causes of hematuria, proteinuria, inflammatory kidney diseases, immune associated kidney disease and progression of renal disease. We also provide comprehensive evaluation of patients with hypertension, thorough services of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, management of drug overdose, emergent therapy of hemoperfusion and plasma exchange, and operate a renal transplant program. We are the first team to perform renal transplant in New Taipei City, and have successfully helped many patients to enjoy a new life without dialysis therapy.